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Jennifer Year: 2023

Service: Private Pop-Up Shop


Jennifer is hooked! She has been to our studio three times over the year for a Private Pop-Up Shop experience. We built out her personalized wardrobe for all of the Pittsburgh seasons. Her favorite things about visiting our studio are:

  • Efficiency - after a few hours at Vallozzi Styling, Jennifer has an entirely new collection of outfits (complete with tailoring!)

  • Compliments - Jennifer receives so many compliments on her looks - her colleagues call her fashionable and when she travels folks go crazy over her sneakers.

  • Functionality - Jennifer's looks range from work to dinner to golf to loungewear. She has outfits for every occasion, feels great wherever she goes, and never has to think about what she is going to wear - she just looks at her digital guidebook of outfit photos and chooses based on what her day looks like.

...AND she loves the local chocolate, macron's, and berries we have ready for her to snack on as she tries on clothes!

For her third visit, Jennifer wanted to focus on a mix of smart casual and cozy warm looks for winter. Here are just a handful of the looks Rachel selected and styled for her. (She left our studio with over 15 outfits, plus winter coats and accessories!)



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