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Alesis Heaps Age: 31 Year: 2022 Profession: Creative Director, Art Director, Motion Designer

Service: Closet Assessment + Virtual Image Consulting + Follow-up Fitting



Alesis was seeking to develop an image that communicated her laid back, creative vibe while also embodying a position of authority that aligns with her career as a director. Alesis is fun and a self-described nerd, so weaving personality blazers and graphic and bold tees into her looks was the perfect way to balance the nuances of her lifestyle and personality. She wanted to be introduced to new-to-her brands that spoke to her design sensibilities and renewed her excitement to get dressed each day.


Step 1: Closet assessment

We popped into Alesis's closet for a quick assessment of what she was currently working with. She had a few blazers that felt too stiff for her casual work environment and she wanted us to reimagine how they could be styled. She owned a few pairs of great sneakers, but was struggling with knowing what boot and sandal styles best vibed with her image. We unearthed a killer motorcycle jacket living in the back of her closet and knew we needed to revive it. Alesis wanted to explore new brands and styles of denim. She was currently living in skinny jeans and wanted to learn what other cuts not only looked good on her, but felt authentic to her image.

These blazers and sneakers existed in her wardrobe, the additional elements she purchased from our virtual shopping links.

The denim & motorcycle jackets and sneakers were already living in her closet, all of the other items she purchased from our virtual shopping links.

Step 2: Virtual Shopping

Armed with the notes taken during Alesis's closet assessment, we went to work researching garments that we could use to build her image while staying true to her authentic self. We organized all of her wardrobe needs into folders by category using an app that allows us to communicate about each garment in real time. Consulting in this way helped us focus our selection and made for a quick and easy shopping experience for Alesis. These are some of the looks we styled from her purchases.

Step 3: Follow-up Fitting

When we arrived for Alesis's fitting, her excitement about her new clothes was palpable. She also gained so much purchasing confidence, that she bought a few gems - like this perfect light blue moto jacket - on her own, which we used to style some additional looks.


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