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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our services and styling? Check out our frequently asked questions below.

Still have questions?

  • What is Image Consulting and who is it for?
    When you hire Vallozzi Styling as your image consultant, you will have a professional personal stylist help you develop the way you visually present to the world. Image consulting is for anyone who desires to present in a consistent, specific way. This includes but is not limited to a new position at work, public speaking, headshots, events, website photos, and being the face of a company, business, or organization.
  • Who needs a personal stylist?
    You need a personal stylist if you: Do not know what looks good on you or how to put complete outfits together. If you are too busy to shop or hate shopping. If you buy clothes and never wear them. If you are trying to develop an image but are struggling to figure out what that looks like for you.
  • What kinds of Special Events can you help me with?
    Special Event styling includes but is not limited to galas, weddings, cocktail parties, vacations, themed parties, holiday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs. Check out some special events we've styled here.
  • My closet is very small and cramped, should we still have a closet consultation?
    Yes! We travel with collapsible wardrobe racks and can find space in your home to set it up, pull items out of your closet, and do a thorough evaluation.
  • I hate everything in my closet, should we still have a closet consultation?
    We believe that starting in your closet is valuable. Often there are pieces in your closet that are working for you, and we can use those garments as building blocks to move your look in a new direction. It is also very important to learn what is not working for you and why, and the contents of your closet will reveal that information. However, if you truly want a fresh start, we can skip the closet and go straight to a personal shopping service.
  • What is it like to shop with Rachel?
    Rachel has been a personal stylist shopper for 15 years. She knows exactly where to find what you need. She is organized, calculated, focused and efficient. But, most importantly, she LISTENS to you. Rachel asks a lot of questions and wants to honor your authentic self expression. She will never force you into a garment or image that does not feel right to you.
  • Do you have any brand affiliations or partnerships?
    We have NO brand affiliations or partnerships. We are always researching fresh brands and connecting with local designers and store owners to stay informed and select the best clothes and accessories for YOU. We base these selections on quality, fit, and your unique life and style needs.
  • How will I be billed?
    You will receive an invoice for Closet Consultation, Shop & Style, Boutique Day, and Good-To-Go+ after the service is completed. When booking Virtual Image Consulting, Private Pop-Up Shop, Style Refresh Package, and Curated Style Package you will receive an invoice for half of the cost following booking and the remaining half after completion of the service. If you are booking Special Event styling, you will receive an invoice for half of the estimate after we discuss your needs and you book, and the other half at the completion of services.
  • What forms of payment do you take?
    We accept Venmo, Check, Cash, and all Credit Cards.
  • How do I know you will honor your promise to complete the styling service that I book?
    When you book your service, the first thing we will do is send you a contract that we both sign.
  • What is a Private Pop-Up Shop?
    Envision a private boutique where every item inside is your size, palette, and represents your personal style. Then visualize that the boutique is full of complete outfits and comes with your personal stylist to guide you through what articles of clothing go together and how the looks should be worn to best flatter your figure. You have the place to yourself with no interuptions. When you get tired, there are snacks and beverages to give you a boost. Following the Private Pop-Up Shop experience, you will be sent a digital guidebook of all of your new looks with styling tips!
  • Where is your studio and what is it like?
    Our studio is located on Ellsworth Ave in Pittsburgh's Shadyside neighborhood. It is private, climate controlled, and inviting. The interior design is meant to inspire with colorful furniture and fashion art hanging on the walls. We welcome all folks, by appointment only.
  • Who do you work with?
    We provide our fashion styling services for men, women, and non-binary folks of all gender expressions, ages and sizes.
  • Have More Questions?
    Check out our blog!
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