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Abby Age: 32 Year: 2021/2022 Profession: Director of Programs at a Local Nonprofit

Service: Style Refresh + 2nd Closet Consultation the following Spring



During Abby's Closet Consultation, I pulled together new outfit combinations that she could start wearing as the season transitioned into Autumn. We decided what pieces were tired or didn't fit quite right and took them away to be donated. We considered what to place on our shopping list,

keeping in mind our goal to consciously build up her collection and not over purchase. Abby sometimes introduced artists during events and needed a couple of new elevated looks to wear on stage. "Elevated stage looks" became the first category we put on our shopping list. Next we added "casual cozy winter weekend vibes." Finally, a few key pieces made it to the list because by combining them with items already in her closet, we could create fresh outfits.


Step 1: Closet Consultation

I designed these looks by incorporating layers, textures, and accessories that already existed in her closet.

Step 2: Shopping

Presenting Looks

We love these looks because they were a bit out of Abby's comfort zone, which made them feel more special for the stage. She also already owns blazers and booties that pair well with both combinations.

Cozy Weekend Sweaters

Key Items

Not photographed - We also purchased a selection of shirts to pull together fresh looks.

She Owns

We Purchased to Layer Under her Pieces

Black knit vest and Oversized camel sweater

​Printed turtleneck

​Black leather jacket and Black blazer

​Printed blouse

​Navy oversized sweater

​Blue and white pinstriped ruffle neck shirt

+ Closet Consultation the following Spring

Since we only focused on fall and winter during the Style Refresh, we went back to Abby's house in the Spring to continue building looks for the next season. There were items in her closet that she wasn't wearing; we talked through why she wasn't wearing the garments and how to revive them. Abby had been recently gifted a couple of necklaces and scarves so I prioritized weaving those new accessories throughout her spring collection.


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