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Podcast Scam

I almost ended up on a podcast, but my very wise web extraordinaire guide turned me on to the fact that the podcast company was - best case scenario - scam adjacent. So I canceled the interview before they attempted to lure me into expensive advertising based on a more than likely bogus rating system. However, before learning about the true purpose of this podcast, I spent a bit of time preparing to answer their questions. So I thought, why not put my answers into the world while also warning others who receive recruiting calls from a possibly sketchy podcast company.

1. Please give a description of your company and the products/services you offer.

Vallozzi Styling is an image consulting and personal styling company offering our clients a range of personal shopping & styling services from closet consultations to building out a client's entire seasonal wardrobe. We are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and also offer a virtual styling consulting service.

2. How long have you been in business?

I have been styling for TV and Film for 17 years and expanded into image consulting and personal styling 15 years ago. We recently opened a fitting studio in Shadyside where we now host our clients for private shopping and fittings.

3. Tell us about your business.

At Vallozzi Styling we celebrate all bodies and all genders. We do not try to fit any individual into a box. We want to help facilitate a system where getting dressed is easy and feels absolutely right - whether it's a regular Tuesday or you are traveling, speaking, going on a date, or taking a Zoom call.

4. What inspired you to pursue your profession?

I started working in TV/Film as an actor and realized the stylists and costume department got to wear whatever they wanted. I was in a scene wearing almost no clothes crawling up a snowy hill freezing & crying and they were in their warm parkas overtop of these bizarre & beautiful outfits and I was like, “Wait, I'm doing this wrong!”

But really, I grew up scouring thrift stores, yard sales, and our regional discount store Gabe's for treasures that I would use to build my daily looks. Self expression was that thing that got me through high school. So building a business where I help others move through their lives with heightened confidence felt very natural for me.

5. What would you like the listeners to know about you?

I approach my work from a place of joy. I believe that aligning your authentic self with your presentation is one very important way to enhance your happiness in this life. And I love helping folks do that.


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