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Melanie White

Comedian and Playwright 

For her performance of "The Moms Are Alright"

Staged at The Carnegie Stage and off-Broadway at Theatre Row



"Rachel sees the ME I have always wanted to see. Standing in front of the studio mirror during my fitting, I finally saw that person staring back at me."

- Melanie White


For Melanie's stage look, she wanted an elevated version of what she wears daily - a modern and comfortable fit that embodied "hip mom."

She needed a lightweight jacket (stage lights can be brutal) with deep pockets so she could easily pull out a few props during her performance. I selected a variety of graphic tees that resonated with Melanie's interests and personality for her to choose from. Next, I purchased wide leg denim with stretch to ensure her ultimate comfort. I finished the styling with colorful fashion sneakers, tying in her color palette and elevating the cool mom vibe. 

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