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Kelly Age: 42 Year: 2021 Profession: School Director

Service: Shop & Style



Design a collection of business casual looks that mix and match together and speak to Kelly's effervescent personality. Also, finding a dress for a casual wedding she had coming up along with a few casual weekend looks.

"I honestly feel that everybody needs Rachel in their lives! She understands and listens to everything that you say and creates many different options for your wardrobe. She is so much fun to work with that I wish I could do this every weekend! I promise anyone if they try any of her services they will be coming back for more! I felt like a million bucks not only on the shopping day, but every time I wear one of my new outfits. And all of the great compliments I receive on my new looks makes me not want to wear anything else!"

- Kelly Bertram


Casual Wedding

One pair of plaid pants with four top options and two scarves that will transition seamlessly throughout the seasons.

Maroon pants with four different looks.

And a bonus pair of pants to switch up two of the blouse looks!

Casual Weekend

We couldn't pass up this vibrant trench in one of her power colors!

Bonus Dress


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