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Nina Age: 39 Year: 2020

Profession: Therapist

Service: Curated Style


Step 1: Closet Consultation

Objective: Create cozy cute put-together looks from what was already in her closet. Nina was struggling with finding ways to wear these casual high waisted tan pants, so I focused on options that paired well with them. She also wanted spring outfits that included light layers. At the end of Nina's closet consultation, I listened to her needs and the way she envisioned her closet to look and function in her life. I took detailed sizing and shopping notes.

Step 2: Fitting

Main Objectives:

Nina had quite a selection of shirts and blouses in her closet. She wanted semi-professional layers to go over them. Considering the fact that her therapy sessions are virtual, these combinations would have to work on camera. Nina also did not have any dress pants or flat dress shoes. These items were needed for country club dinners and events (and the flats for a comfort option to the gorgeous wedges and flatforms that she already owned.) I purchased blazers, pants, and flats and designed these looks by integrating the blouses in her closet with the new purchases.

Secondary Objective:

Nina owns a collection of printed vintage scarves which she inherited from her Grandmother. I purchased sweaters/shirts/pants that paired with the scarves and pulled together complete looks.

Bonus Looks

Nina wanted a few new blouse and cardigan combos, so I purchased these and styled them together.

Nina owned this skirt but was uncertain how to wear it. I purchased the t-shirt and blazer and paired them with shoes and booties that she already owned. (Can be worn with or without the blazer).

She also owned this pearl necklace and didn't know what to wear it with. I purchased these two sweaters - the slight bit of drama in the sleeves played with the personality of the pearl perfectly.


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