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What is a Smart Casual Dress Code?

We are in a confusing transitional time of professional wardrobe. Moving away from a period of business on the top / sweatpants on the bottom toward in-person meetings and days back at the office have many folks a bit mystified when it comes to choosing appropriate clothing. The good news is, you don't have to let go of comfort to style a smart casual office look.

The elastic waist pant has evolved to include smart casual office appropriate options. When choosing elastic waist pants for the office, first consider the fabric. Move away from anything that will read as a cotton sweat pant. Ask yourself "Will this fabric pair well with a button up shirt, nice turtleneck, sweater, or laid back blazer?" Adding a shacket over a turtleneck, like we styled for a recent client, is another way to modernize your smart casual look and avoid a business uniform that invokes Steve Jobs or Elizabeth Holmes.

Maybe you are comfortable in hard pants (aka pants with buttons and zippers), as long as they have stretch to them. There are many printed stretchy pants in the world that give off a fun business casual vibe, especially when paired with a blouse and personality jacket like a leather or trench. You will look like the most put together person in the office while allowing yourself comfort during long stretches of sitting at your desk. Here are a few looks where we incorporated stretchy printed pants for a client’s smart casual looks.

Another smart casual office look involves the on trend wide leg pleated pants. The roominess in the seat and hips will make you feel like you are wearing pajamas, but tuck in a blouse and twist a little silk scarf around your neck and you will give off total posh vibes. This effortlessly cool look is current and very, very smart.

If you want more guidance on smart casual looks or how to style the items in your closet, Vallozzi Styling is here for you! A Closet Consultation or Virtual Image Consulting is a great place to start. We will not only guide you through your smart casual looks, but also address the full spectrum of your lifestyle to ensure you have styled outfits for every occasion.


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